Take acrylic painting to new levels with Marcy Wheeler

Take acrylic painting to new levels with Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler’s Thursday afternoon Acrylic Painting class has space for a few more intermediate to advanced artists who work or want to work in acrylics. The class is from 2:30–5:00 pm, followed by an optional half-hour group critique. Wheeler’s class is ongoing, and enrollment is open at any time, as long as there is space available. Class is limited to 12 students.

Tuition is $124 for eight classes. Students have 12 weeks to use the eight classes, so if you take a brief vacation or have a doctor’s appointment, no worries.  If you want to continue after you have finished 8 classes, you just buy 8 more.
Wheeler’s style is warm, friendly and personal. She focuses on individual instruction, group critique and occasional class demonstrations. Students learn the quick and creative qualities of acrylic paints and mediums and how to turn acrylic paints from “bad watercolors” into a flexible and luscious way to paint.

​For details, see ​https://rossmoorart.com/wheeler.html.

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