Art Lockers

January 2020


  • The 2018 art locker policy permits the rental of one locker per member for an annual fee of $20. (Double locker renters through Y2015 remain grandfathered in.) Locker rentals are renewable every Dec 1 thru Jan 31. Have questions? Please contact Pat Solari (contact information below).
  • For protection RAA encourages you to lock up your materials. Understand, however, the club reserves the right to remove your lock and store the contents if your rental fee(s) are unpaid and we are unable to contact you. PLEASE, MAKE SURE YOUR RAA CONTACT INFORMATION IS ALWAYS CURRENT!!
  • You may not attach anything to the interior or exterior of your locker.
  • DO NOT store flammable materials in your locker. All flammable materials must be labeled with your name and stored in the yellow fireproof metal cabinet in Studio 1 kitchen area. Only odorless (preferably Gamsol) mineral spirits are permitted in Studio 1.
  • Do not place objects of any kind on top of the lockers as they may fall in the event of an earthquake. If any are found they will be removed.
  • A vacant locker is not an indication it is available. If you want to rent a locker or see one that appears to be unused, please contact Pat Solari for further information (274-1842 or
  • If you swap locker spaces with another member, be sure to coordinate with RAA. It’s essential we keep locker numbers, names and contact information accurately linked! Do not transfer your locker to someone else without clearing it first with RAA; someone else may be in line for a locker ahead of him or her.


President, John Hopper (284-5810 );

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