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 Name Email Preferred Locker Number Approval Status Assigned No
Myung Kwackmskwack@gmail.com17Assigned17
Bill Schaubwm.schaub@gmail.com1Assigned15
Patricia Daymarguay121@gmail.comAssigned5
Meaden Nancynjp318@msn.com29Assigned29
Becker Judithjudybecker@comcast.net39,40,41, and 42Assigned39,41
Sergio Quintorsergioquintor2461@hotmail.comAssigned14
Marcy WheelerMarcy@marcywheeler.comAssigned201
Tsang Lucia Peitsangluciafp@gmail.comAssigned11
Fletcher Lindajimlindafletcher@yahoo.comAssigned111
Rochelle DavisMdennison204@gmail.com107 Already reservedAssigned107
 Name Email Preferred Locker Number Approval Status Assigned No

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