Drawing the human figure in proportion – 4-part workshop

Drawing the human figure in proportion – 4-part workshop

Struggling to get human proportions right? Perplexed by foreshortening? Intimidated by quick gestures drawings? Wishing you could capture the body in motion?  Help is here.

Judith Kunzlé , a Bay Area figurative artist, and the Rossmoor Art Association are offering a four-part workshop on “Drawing the Human Figure in Proportion,” starting on Saturday, October 21 and running through November 11 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  The cost for four, three-hour sessions is $200 and includes a human proportion chart and movable paper models to keep for future use.

Whether you have never drawn the human figure before or you are a fairly experienced artist, this workshop will give you new tools and confidence to draw from a live model, from photographs and video, or from your imagination.

Kunzlé’s approach to figure drawing is focused on understanding the proportions of the human figure. Students learn to focus on the body as a whole, seeing the overall mass as well as the outlines.

For more information, see https://rossmoorart.com/kunzleacute.html.

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