Painting Momentum with Anna George–Tuesdays 1:00-4:00 Studio 1 (Fall)


“Painting Momentum” with Anna George 

Enjoy Tuesday afternoons in a large studio where painters build on a foundation of fundamental painting principles and receive constant support from artist, Anna George, at their easels. Gain insight in how to skirt common pitfalls in an eight-week class.

Work and rework in any stage, abstract or representational. Bring blank canvases, boards, or heavy paper and your oils or acrylics. Bring well-progressed pieces to apply fresh ideas. New painters will receive guidance from George on acquiring materials.

George helps students to achieve good sequencing in the painting process and simplifies new and age-old painting ideas. She offers short exercises to illustrate them, and shapes sessions on form, light, value, shadow, and color mixing giving attention to class members’ requests.

Join this special group to connect the dots of composition, color partnering, and technique. Paint using sources you choose and benefit from sharing processes with others.


“I like my students to paint what they love,” says George, who has been a working artist for decades and offered classes in Walnut Creek for over ten years. “Painting together we enlarge our world as we perhaps let the season inspire something new.” The instructor enjoys cultivating a convivial place for all to discover and create, and to let go of the outer world. Her art-making career includes gallery exhibits and shows in the U.S. and Italy. George is currently making and showing both abstract and representational art in the Bay Area. See her work at and at


Beginners receive a materials list and a phone call. Tuition for Painting Momentum is $165 for members and $185 for non-members. To secure a place please remit tuition via at or send a check made out to RAA to George at 2956 Tice Creek Drive #3. Essential are your email and phone. Reach the instructor at 925 783 9000 with questions or late enrollment needs.


Anna George, Instructor

Anna studied fine art in two east coast colleges and universities and has exhibited since. She opened a gallery in San Francisco, and received awards. After leaving her big, bright studio on the Berkeley, Oakland border, Anna moved a bit east where she has offered classes year-round for over ten years. In 2013 she launched and began hosting Wednesday evening RAA Soirées des Artistes; she currently works on canvas, linen, silk and in mixed media. For oils and acrylics and for mixed media call George at 925 783 9000 and see For painted silkwear, In Anna's words, "In art there is heart."