Outdoor Painting or Drawing (Plein Air) with Afsaneh Michaels — Starts October 5 (Wednesdays)

Outdoor Painting or Drawing in Nature (Plein Air)  October 5 to November 2

Experience the joy of painting or drawing outdoors in nature. In this new class students will work outside in nature and experience the pleasures of painting or drawing in the shade of a tree or sitting near the creek or on a bench near a building. You can even bring your coffee or snack and sit on a blanket on the ground. Working in nature this way creates a feeling of awe and delight different from indoor settings. Restroom facilities will never be too far.

All skill levels are welcome and encouraged. This an informal class suited to all students new to art or those more experienced who want to improve their skills while witnessing first-hand the changing nature of light and detail while working outdoors.

The first class will be held in the Garden/Patio of Dollar Clubhouse and will include an introduction and short demo on how to set up for working outside. There will be a discussion of media, boards, easels, stools, and other items needed for working outside. If you have painted or drawn outside before, bring your set up. If this is new to you, a pencil and sketchbook will suffice.

You can work in any media- painting, drawing, watercolor or pencil and charcoal. Pastels are especially suitable for working outdoors. The instructor will speak with each student individually at their station. At the end of each session students might gather and share their work.

Students and teacher Afsaneh might choose together a spot to work, and set up their station with portable easels, drawing boards and/or canvases/paper and learn how to compose a painting or drawing from nature, architecture or other man-made elements.


Fall Class: October 5 –November 2 (5 sessions)

Time: The course will be held Wednesdays, 9:30-12:30

Cost: $120, non-residents $140.

Place: First class will be held at the Dollar Clubhouse grounds in the back. Please meet at the back patio to start.

Materials: Easel (the portable kind)  and canvases and board (for paper). A stool or blanket to sit on plus any materials the students are comfortable using, i.e. oil, acrylics, pencils, pastels. Comfortable clothing, a hat and water bottle are recommended.

For a list of materials or questions contact teacher: AfsanehAm@gmail.com



Afsaneh Michaels, Instructor

Afsaneh A. Michaels is San Francisco Bay Area fine artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher with over 30 years of creative experience. Afsaneh was raised from an early age in Europe and the U.S. She studied art and design at Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2000. She has exhibited work in galleries around the Bay Area, and the east coast. In the early part of her career Afsaneh worked as an urban and country planner with the United Nations in Africa in Kenya and Malawi and later transitioned into art and exhibit design and worked at the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi where she designed an exhibit for anthropologist, Richard Leakey. Later she worked at the Smithsonian Institution, Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Designing exhibits and collaborating with colleagues in various International museums. Afsaneh has always been an artist and after Edinburgh she moved to Florence in Italy where she started teaching small groups of adults and children in painting and drawing. Afsaneh loves to teach and uses a coaching style- mentoring each individual, guiding and developing their vision and direction while building foundational skills towards the student’s art practice. www.AfsanehMichaelStudio.com