“Landscapes from Photographs” _with Carol Tarzier_ March 29th – May 31th _Fridays_ 12:30 – 4:30 Studio 1

“Landscapes from Photographs” with Carol Tarzier
March 22th – May 24th
Fridays 12:30 – 4:30 Studio 1
$200 (10 sessions)

Rossmoor Art Association is offering “Landscape from Photographs” with artist Carol Tarzier..  Tuition for the 10 sessions is $200.

This series is about using your photographs to create fresh and lively landscapes with the energy and color of plein air work. The series covers color mixing and creating beautiful color tones with warm and cool primaries.

The class will review materials and equipment that make painting fun, and you will learn how to use composition to create depth, how to create space using color and grays, how to create depth using hard and soft edges, and how to use saturation to create the feeling of space, using bright colors in the foreground and creating space and distance with grays.

Carol will also cover mixing colors for specific areas, such as in the sky as it moves toward the horizon, on a flat plane to make it recede into the distance, and to create a dynamic foreground.  The class will also cover how to make water look transparent, how to paint waves and how to paint reflections.

You will need to bring photos you would like to work from to each class. These can be image files on a tablet or printed photos.
Oil and acrylic painters of all levels are welcome. Acrylic instruction is individual. Class demonstrations are in oil. Oil painters please use odorless thinner or walnut oil (etc) only. Do not store thinners in a locker, take them home. Class is limited to 20 students.

Carol Tarzier, Instructor