A Very Different “Figure Drawing Class” offered by Judith Kunzlé

A Very Different “Figure Drawing Class” offered by Judith Kunzlé


​If you’re looking for a wonderful figure drawing experience in a relaxed, congenial class setting, this is your ideal place.  Put life in your drawings and FUN in your life with Judith Kunzlé in her six-class session starting Saturday, January 19th in RAA Studio Two from 10 am to 1 pm. Judith Kunzlé is an amazing teacher full of energy and ideas that will make your ability to draw figures exceptional and dramatic.  The classes are suitable for beginners and experienced artists who wish to have fun drawing figures with confidence.   The tuition fee is $130 for the six sessions, an incredibly low fee for 18 hours of relaxed, yet stimulating art instruction.  Judith’s classes are always a celebration of life!

Judith Kunzlé has worked intensely with dancers, sketching at rehearsals and then using these life sketches as the inspiration for paintings done in her studio. She prefers sketches to photographs because, she says, “photographs offer too much irrelevant detail, while sketches and our memory record only the essence of what we see.”

For details, see https://rossmoorart.com/kunzleacute.html.

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